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    From the very beginning, ROCAWEAR planned on being a player, but not just any player—the biggest player—in the fashion game. They were destined to become an international company that would compete with the biggest brands in the world of fashion.

    ROCAWEAR created more than just a fashion brand. They created a lifestyle. It was one people aspired to. Private jets, yachts, and penthouse suites were part of it, but so was community, goodwill, and never forgetting your roots. Each was equally important and at the core of the ROCAWEAR brand.

    Style, music, the high life, sex appeal: ROCAWEAR didn’t need to hold a focus group to get the pulse on these. They instinctively knew the definition of the latest trends and fashion because they lived them. From the streets to the design studio, ROCAWEAR was white hot from the start.

    ROCAWEAR knew trust started with the people, so that’s where they took their inspiration from. They watched the trends on the New York City streets, then translated these into fresh looks that rocked that fashion world. Showing up on the runways in Milan, New York, London and Paris, ROCAWEAR introduced a new, casual glamour with a streetwise sensibility. They didn’t just sell clothes, they sold an image—and the brand took off, becoming one of the hottest in 90s fashion and an international sensation. The rest, as they say, is history.